Thursday, July 30, 2009

Conventional Panelized Home Adds Timber Frame Accents

Our shop guys have been working hard on a special project for a new conventional home being built in Vermont. The homeowner's wanted to grace their 25'X30' great room with timber frame accents. Three beautiful timber frame trusses were designed by the homeowner's architect and our in-house design team.

Adding timber frame accents to any new panelized home, conventionally built home or existing home can add warmth and create the comfort of a timber frame home without it being a full timber frame home. The trusses were handcrafted and assembled in our shop. For aesthetics, the trusses feature an inch and a quarter steel rod on the bottom of the truss. With the trusses being pre-assembled in the shop, we can control the fit of the joinery and ensure a tight fit. Also, this cuts down on time on the jobsite for the builder. Davis Frame also provided timber frame accent pieces for the new home's porch.

Here at Davis Frame if we're not cutting timbers for timber frame homes, we're cutting timber for additions, timber frame hybrids, timber frame accents, timber frame porches, timber frame stairs and even timber frame mailboxes! Also, with our line of eSIPS panelized homes, we are able to provide wall and roof panels and panelized home kits!

In addition to our timber frame, hybrid, and eSIPS panelized homes we can offer custom items of various shapes and sizes, some of which are pictured below.

We want you to know that no job is too large or too small for the Davis Frame team, so call 800.636.0993 today to speak with a project coordinator about your upcoming project!

Timber frame porch

Small timber frame addition

Octagon timber frame addition

Scissor truss with metal brackets used as an accent for a log home in the Adirondacks
Timber frame garden shed

Timber frame stairs

Timber frame mailbox

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Event Schedule Update

Date: Saturday, August 1st

Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Location: Warner, New Hampshire

We have decided to postpone our open factory day we had scheduled on August 1st, to move our timber frame raising that was delayed due to weather to August 1st.

So join us at this upcoming timber frame raising and enjoy one of the best parts about building a timber frame home. There is no better way to see a timber frame then to see it in its "bare bones." The design of this Douglas fir timber frame is a slightly modified version of our Classic Barn 1A, one of most popular barn style home floor plans from our line of Classic Barn Homes.

Learn about our new panelized home division, Energy Smart Insulated Panel System!

Call 800.636.0993 to register for this event!

Save the Date!

Don't miss our annual fall timber frame event. OkTIMBERfest is held every year during the peak foliage season. This year our the fall timber frame event will be held in multiple locations including, New Hampshire, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and more! Call 800.636.0993 for more details.

When: Saturday, October 10th
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Location: Nationwide

Contact us today at 800.636.0993 to register for one of our events or schedule a tour of our manufacturing facilities and timber frame model home at our New Hampshire headquarters.

This isn't Your Father's Prefab Home

Prefabricated homes are not what they used to be. Typically when many people think of prefab, they instantly think of modular homes, cookie cutter houses and homes with limited customizations. That just isn't the case today; prefab homes have come a long way in the way they are built in terms of customizations and energy efficiency. Prefab homes are home kits that are typically built off site in a controlled environment. In fact, prefab homes are becoming very competitive with stick-frame construction and becoming a builder preferred method to build a new home.

Our line of eSIPS homes is similar to a prefab home, except that we build the wall and roof panel sections and ship them out to be assembled, rather than ship the entire house in a couple of pieces. With our panel system being shipped in wall and roof panel sections, this can dramatically reduce shipping costs. This also allows your new custom home to be built faster and with less waste. Our pre-built panel wall and roof system can also avoid weather delays, since the wall and roof sections are being built in a controlled facility.

So you may not think prefab or modular means customizable, but here at eSIPS we can work with you on one of our pre-designed floor plans, design a home from scratch or work with your architect's drawings.

Here is a review of some of the benefits of an eSIPS panelized home:
  • Fast and easy installation with minimal waste.
  • Increased energy efficiency which equates to a 45% - 50% savings in heating costs!
  • Intregrates renewable ingredients in the BioBased Spray Foam Insulation
  • The 1701 foam used in our panels is GREENGUARD® Certified safe for children and schools.
  • R-20 and greater for the wall panels and R-40 and above for roof panels.
  • Complete weather tight shell home kit!

Contact us today at 800.636.0993 for more information on our panelized home kits!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Buyers are Attracted to Organic Farm Developments

New York Times Article

June 30, 20009

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. — The bewildered Iowan who converted his farm into a ballpark in “Field of Dreams” in 1989 might reverse the move today. From Vermont to central California, developers are creating subdivisions around organic farms to attract buyers. If you plant it, these developers believe, they will buy.

Increasingly, subdivisions, usually master-planned developments at which buyers buy home sites or raw land, have been treating farms as an amenity. “There are currently at least 200 projects that include agriculture as a key community component,” said Ed McMahon, a senior fellow with the Urban Land Institute.......
click here for more of the article!

A timber frame by Davis Frame Company or a eSIPS panelized home would be perfect on an organic farm development. Our line of eSIPS homes uses BioBased Spray Foam Insulation which integrates renewable ingredients to use less petroleum. Our panelized home product is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional insulation and would be a great choice for a farming development.

Imagine building a home right where you can be near fresh vegetables, what could get any better than that! Some of these developments with farms also include other great healthy amenities such as walking trails, ponds, gyms, etc. The latest trends in home building and developments is surely becoming more luring.

All for more information on our homes! 800.636.0993