Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Prefab Construction is a Top Choice for Building Your New Home

There are a lot of misconceptions about prefab homes. People often think of prefab homes as modular, large pre-built "box" sections with limited design flexibility. Prefab today is not the same as in the past. Newer prefab construction is a faster way to build and many companies offer high r-value insulation in their panelized systems. Many prefab home manufacturers offer design flexibility and many material choices for an exterior shell package.

We are finding that many builders we work with prefer to work with our prefab product Energy Smart Insulated Panel System over a conventional building approach. It saves the builder time on site and will benefit you with less on-site labor costs. Prefab building systems offer faster weather proofing and your new home's shell can be built in as little as three weeks. Builders also like working with panelized wall and roof panels because the building technology is precise and creates a thermal envelope. Building with prefab also decreases the amount of waste on the jobsite (making this a greener product) and can save you up to 30% on labor.

To learn more about eSIPS prefab homes packages call us today at 1-800-636-0993 to speak with one of our project coordinators.

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